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Baby Head Support

Baby Head Support for Pram and Car seat

  • The Keep Me Cosy baby head support acts as a soft and snuggly barrier to support your baby’s head in the pram or car seat.

  • Keep Me Cosy’s super-soft head huggers allow your pram’s existing harness to secure your baby.

  • Our twin pack provides one head support for newborn and one head support for infant.


Baby Head Support

Keep Me Cosy’s baby head support or head hugger is a must have for newborn or infant. As your baby starts to sit up in the pram or car seat, they will need good support for their head and neck. Our thick and super soft cotton velour head huggers help cuddles baby’s head providing greater neck support and comfort. Each pack comes with 2 head supports, one for newborn and one for infant. It is suitable for use from newborn to 9 months.

The head hugger can be used on its own in car seats, prams or strollers. It can also be fitted over our padded pram liner or over our cosy footmuff for an even more comfy and snug fit. Featuring eight designer prints, you can match the head huggers to the pram liners or choose a different design for a bold and contrasting look. We shipped our products to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the World.


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