What are Pram Liners for ?

A Pram Liner is a padded insert that is fitted onto the pram for your baby to sit or lie on. It is usually made from cotton as it is a breathable material which is suitable for use in all seasons. Pram liners will not only make prams or stroller more comfy and snug fitting for your baby, but is also used for protecting your prams from spills and messes. Having a pram liner with bright and colourful prints will also beautify and renew the look of your pram. A universal pram liner is one that is designed to fit all prams and strollers in the market. It comes with slot holes to accommodate all the harness straps of the pram and is compatible with all five-point safety harness system.

Do you need a Pram Liner ?

Pram liners helps to make your baby feel more comfortable and settled when they are in the pram. A good pram liner that is adequately padded offers good support and helps absorb all the bumps in the road. It will make your baby or toddler’s pram ride more enjoyable and give you peace of mind. Pram liners also helps to protect your pram from being soiled and from the wear and tear of everyday use. It is easier to clean a liner than the pram; make sure you choose a liner that is durable and machine washable. If you want to enhance or beautiful the look of your pram, you can choose a pram liner in nice and vibrant design.


What is a Footmuff ?

A Footmuff is a handy pram accessory for your pram as winter approaches and the weather starts to turns cold. It acts like a sleeping bag in the pram to keep your baby warm and cosy. A pram footmuff must be easy to attach securely onto the pram liner when needed. To serve its purpose, the footmuff must be adequately padded for warm and also be draft free. Besides baby and infant, a growing toddler needs to keep warm too. Toddler footmuff sets are designed with an extended base to fit a growing child.

Why you need a Footmuff ?

Autumn and winter with its changing colours plus cool crisp air can be a nice time to be out with your baby. A footmuff will keep your baby warm and cosy even if it is cold, chilly and windy outside. You can enjoy your time out with your baby taking a nice stroll or just making a run to the shops. To get the best protection from the cold wind, having a good footmuff that can be zipped securely onto the pram liner will be better than one that is simply tied or buttoned loosely onto the handle of the pram. Footmuff does a better job of keeping warm in the pram than a pram blanket. It can be zipped securely and unlike a blanket it cannot be kick off by an active baby. You can enjoy your walk and not worry about your baby feeling cold or about having to pick up the blanket from the dirty floor.


A Baby Head Support is a u-shaped padded pillow that is used for supporting your baby’s head while they are in the pram or car seat. Newborn and young infant have tender neck muscle and will need good support for their head when they are sitting up. The head supports will help hold their head stable providing support for their necks. Head supports comes in different sizes with different amount of padding to cater for the needs of newborn to infant. A 2 in 1 Baby Head support comes as a twin pack to provide one support for newborn and one for infant up to 9 months old.


A Pram Organiser is a pouch like bag or caddy that can be attached onto the handle of your pram, providing you with extra storage space that are easy to access. When you are out with your baby, a pram organiser is useful to keep things you need within easy reach. You can use it to hold essential items like milk bottles, cups, nappies and even your mobile phone. It lets you keep your hands free to navigate the pram safely.


The harness straps of your pram or stroller are often made of strong but rougher material. A pram harness strap covers is a soft and padded covering that is wrapped over the harness to protect baby’s gentle skin from the rough strap. A Buckle Cosy is an exclusive product with a patented design from Keep Me Cosy Australia. It is a soft and padded covering that is used to cushion the pram buckle to provide your newborn baby with a snug and comfortable fit.

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