1.Why Keep Me Cosy Pram Liners ?

The 2 key reasons cited by our customers are quality and price.  We used quality cotton twill fabric which are more durable and comfortable than point cotton. Keep Me Cosy has been designing and selling its own range of pram liners and accessories in Australia since 2011. All our products are uniquely designed to be easy to use and is crafted to ensure every item meets our stringent standards.

2. Why buy from us ?

We sell our products direct to you at great prices. Our 2 in 1 Pram liner + Footmuff set starts from $49.99!  That’s even less than the price of many pram liners in the market. Don’t pay $59.95 or $63.95 for a pram liner! Check out what our customers says about our products in our reviews.

3. What is cotton twill ?

It is cotton that is weaved in a diagonal pattern to produces a fabric that is durable and attractive. This material is very suitable for pram liners as its sturdier design means it is able to resist the wear and tear of everyday use. 

Cotton Twill is also easier to maintain as it better able to prevent and recover from wrinkles and creases. The pattern of twill cloth will show less stains and dirt compared to sheer fabric. It can be spot clean and it is also completely machine washable.

4. What is a Footmuff ?

This is like a cocoon for your bub. It zips directly onto the liner and unlike pram blankets it cannot be kick off. Our 2 in 1 Footmuff + Pram Liner set comes with a universal pram liner that can be used on its own and a matching footmuff cover that can be easily zipped on when needed. It will equip your pram for all seasons.

5. Does your Footmuff comes in different sizes ?

Yes! We have a footmuff set for infant and toddler. Our Toddler Footmuff is almost one of a kind in the market. It is specially designed to cleverly ‘extend’ the length of the pram to fit your growing child.

6. Can it fit my pram or stroller ?

Our Pram Liners are designed to be universal fit. Take advantage of our free returns if it cannot fit.

7.  How to fit your product ?

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8.What are your sales, returns and shipping policies?
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